Sunday, October 14, 2012

Welcome to a Wild New Beginning!

Hello everyone!

My name is Sharyla, and I'm starting this here blog this evening. Actually- it's about three o'clock in the morning, and starting this new blog is starting to make me bleary eyed. Please don't be offended if spelling errors abound.

I am not a new blogger, I've been at it for a few years now. However, while it was a hobby that I rather enjoyed, it was a hobby that I always had to share my time for with someone else. I'm a single cat on the prowl, and until I find someone to split time with, I figure why not do something I enjoy.

However, I wanted a new start. I wanted to try and put the big effort into it that so many other bloggers around the interwebs do. There are those out there who have been blogging for years less than I have, kids out there that didn't read all that well when I started blogging, that have blogs better than I do. So, now I'm trying a little harder. 

On my blog you will find reviews, a few memes, and a few random posts that most likely will in some way be loosely related to reading or books. Eventually, when I am in a position to do so, there will be contests, and also author interviews.

I truly look forward to having those in the book blogging community by my side as I make this new journey into a world I thought I knew quite well. I hope to have those people right a few guests posts as well.

For now, I have some technical issues to work on, and then I'm going to start reading again. Won't that be a thrill?

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