Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pittsburgh's Awesome Books

I guess for this entry, it is important that everyone who is reading understands that I am a country girl. Not in the "I love Mitt Romney" and wear cowboy boots and camo sort of way (not that most of that is a bad thing) but in the I have never lived in a large city sort of way.

In August, I had a pretty major life event rain down on me and had to move. I chose to move to Pittsburgh, since that was where I had a place offered. So far, this city has been a challenge and at times a delight. One of the ways that it was recently a delight was my last day off of work. I decided that I wanted to take a walk, and see some 'new' stuff and off I went.

I headed down town on the 'T' and got off at Station Square and headed across the Smithfield St. Bridge. The following picture is NOT of the Smithfield St. Bridge, but it IS of a bridge in Pittsburgh.

At the end of Smithfield St. there is Penn Ave and right there is a beautiful little bookstore called Awesome Books. Awesome Books is a pretty great name for this shop. It reminded me a bit of what an art gallery would look like if I had been to an art gallery before...very open, a couple of tables with books on them in the middle and then shelves (obviously) around the store walls, filled with books. Everything was very clean, neat, and orderly. It was nice to be able to easily walk around the store and not worry about bumping into anything. Because I was broke, while I found plenty of new books I wanted, I stayed with the bargain section. I picked up a copy of James Joyce's Dubliners for 3 dollars, which is a good deal, and then when I was checking out the man behind the counter put a bookmark in my new book that had a 50% of coupon for a place called City Cafe, right down the street.

I headed down towards the cafe and went in, my bright green bookmark in hand, and excitedly told the woman behind that counter that I was up for a cup of coffee and I had this here coupon. With the coupon my coffee was a mere 1.07! So my day only cost me 4 dollars, and the coffee was amazing, and the book, I can't seem to put down.

Click here : for the website for Awesome Books. They have a picture of one of their stores right on the front page, and you'll be able to see the awesomeness that the store really is. I can't wait until next Friday, when I will happily be taking that walk again!

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